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Greetings from the Techocracy of Korutsu Empty Greetings from the Techocracy of Korutsu

on 7th January 2021, 10:03
Dear all,

Anyone who spends even a small amount of time in the Chocolate Discord may be familiar with our rather idiotic and overly energetic representative Koworuwutsuwu, or Koruwutsu. The high council as a whole is pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with the other benevolent nations of the Chocolate Castle. We hope that the Chocolate Castle will help develop our infantile Ministry of External Affairs and teach us the ways of Foreign Diplomacy. As time passes the more information about the internal workings of our singular Technocracy will be released. We hope to soon become a welcome and useful addition to this warm community of Nations and Great Leaders.

Amicable Regards,
The Ministry of External Affairs

- Aeterna Statera
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