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Nizam Adrienne
Nizam Adrienne
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Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences Empty Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences

on 16th July 2020, 22:38

  1. The mint used in chocolate is not the same as the mint used in toothpaste but even if it were, who doesn't like clean teeth?
  2. Mint and chocolate are wonderfully complementary. The refreshing coolness of the mint really breaks up the bitterness of the dark chocolate.
  3. Mint can help prevent cancer. No, really. The monoterpene phytonutrient found in mint has cancer inhibiting properties.
  4. Andes candies.
  5. Mint hot chocolate is superior to ordinary hot chocolate.
  6. Chocolate is often produced by cocoa beans collected by underpaid child labour. The more mint you have in your chocolate the less cocoa collected by child labour you need to use.
  7. Menny does not like mint chocolate, hence she won’t eat it all and there’s enough for everyone :-)
  8. The high concentrations of rosmarinic acid found in mint offer your cells antioxidants and can act as an anti-inflammatory. Say goodbye to tylenol, hello to mint chocolate!
  9. After Eight.
  10. Because it's Minty.
  11. If you Like Hookah then Mint is one of the most popular organic flavors.
  12. Because It's one of Dada's favorite flavors.
  13. In a weird way it's cold even when you eat it at room temperature.
  14. Mint is the color of Slytherin house!
  16. The most refreshing room in a chocolate castle is the Mint chocolate room.
  17. Mint Chocolate chip Ice Cream is one of God’s special gifts to Mankind.
  18. Got allergies? Your airways also benefit from mint essential oils; it helps keep them open for easy breathing and relieves allergy symptoms.
  19. Gives you a good breath.
  20. Lolz had a friend nicknamed Minty just remembered.
  21. Goes along well with alcohol
  22. It can help protect against sun damage! The flavonols in dark chocolate can improve blood flow to the skin and increase skin density and hydration. The minimal erythemal dose (MED) is the minimum amount of UVB rays required to cause redness in the skin 24 hours after exposure. In one study of 30 people, the MED more than doubled after consuming dark chocolate high in flavanols for 12 weeks.
  23. Flavanols can also increase brain function! One study of healthy volunteers showed that eating high-flavanol cocoa for five days improved blood flow to the brain, which can improve cognitive function and verbal fluency.
  25. Combine it with rum and your girl will definitely like the combination
  26. Another brilliant invention from the swiss masters (i believe it’s swiss made)
  27. One of my weird recipes is I crush Mint Chocolate and mix it with Vanilla Ice Cream.
  28. You can make liquor from mint chocolate if you melt it and add some “secret” ingredients
  29. I think Adri had a Minty Idea for making us do this.
  30. Mint chocolate helps with blood pressure (calms one down)
  31. Mint M&Ms are the only M&Ms pack that’s made up of one coloured candy! Green!
  32. Baileys with mint chocolate flavour is only Baileys ┬áthat’s actually drinkable.
  33. Ran out of Mint Chocolate Ideas.
  34. Dark chocolate is widely thought to reduce the risk of heart disease!
  35. Like all types of chocolate it gets one “excited” if you know what i mean ( wink wink)
  36. Can also be used as laxative like regular chocolate
  37. Chocoholic - a person addicted to chocolate. Mintchocoholic - does not exist. Mint chocolate is addiction free.
  38. York Peppermint Patties.
  39. The U.S. National Confectioners Association lists February 19 as "Chocolate Mint Day"
  40. You will not regret trying Mint Chocolate cake. ( especially homemade if made good).
  41. 56 more Mint facts ahead. - those aint facts, just….
  42. The people above are too busy stating health benefits instead of telling you how tasty Mint Chocolate is. BLASPHEMY!
  43. Mint cigarettes are banned in EU. Mint chocolate is all that there is left!!
  44. We in the US still have our Mint Ciggies !!
  45. They also have Trump. Not so tasty Sad
  46. This is supposed to be about Mint Chocolate but we ran out of Ideas.
  47. Even a chemist can’t think of so many reasons why Mint chocolate is good - just accept it you heretics… is good
  48. Peppermint bark.
  49. Number 47 is written by someone that loves Mint Alcohol.
  50. AZTEC people who invented chocolate are all extinct now. Mint chocolate however is growing in popularity.
  51. Mint chocolate is like mojito in a chocolate bar.
  52. Is there Mint Chocolate Gum? If so let me know in number 53.
  53. Yes
  54. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream can reduce your fever! Mint Chip is cold, therefore consuming a large bowl of mint chip ice cream will be sure to drop that fever like a bad habit.
  55. The name mint originates from Greek mythology where god of the underworld Hades had an extra marital affair with nymph Minthe. Hades’ wife turned Minthe into a plant we know and love as mint. Thus if you eat mint chocolate you are literally eating something divine.
  56. In other words you are eating the offspring of a god, which means you are eating god. ( Facepalm).
  57. But also chocolate’s scientific name is “theobroma”, which means “food of the gods”. So with Mint also being divine, you get DOUBLE the divinity.
  58. Also if you do not like mint you’re basically saying the original god of underworld (we call him Satan today) doesn’t have a great taste in women :blobshrug:
  59. Man just get drunk and eat damn mint chocolate, no need to make this list….reading is boring….JUST GET DRUNK AND EAT SOME CHOCO...MINT CHOCO………<3
  60. Damn Mint is a Divine being, which means YOU SHOULD ALL EAT AND RESPECT IT.
  62. Ponce de Leon might not have found the Fountain of Youth but you can! Mint chocolate helps to cleanse the skin, make wrinkles fade, can help sooth skin irritation such as itching, and even help to reduce pimples.
  63. Imagine you are organizing a party but you forgot to go to the store. You see some mint chocolate on your shelf and you are like what the hell am I gonna do with this thing? And then an idea hits you - I’ll teach them rascals (the guests) the correct chocolate, so you offer them mint only till they overeat and start loving it...SHOVE IT IN THEIR MOUTHS AHHAHAHAHAHAHHA...THEY WILL LIKE IT MAN/WOMAN
  64. How much cash are we gonna receive for giving so many reasons of why one should eat mint chocolate?
  65. You will receive a mint chocolate bar.
  66. “You can do it. You got this!” encouragemint
  67. Chocolate was not mint to be alone.
  68. Menhera you have to enhance your recruitmint for the Alliance.
  69. Mint flavoured chocolate in mint condition is the best!
  70. It's luscious~
  71. 25 more minty facts remaining
  72. Mint helps cure hangover? Probably. Um that’s what I should, i hope it does
  73. You never have to be afraid of swallowing a mint. It’s cool.
  74. You cannot have a complete, legitimate Chocolate Castle if you exclude some forms of chocolate.
  75. Mint is the only place in the US where workers strike to make less money!
  76. I hate Mint as an alcohol although I love almost every alcohol type but I love it as chocolate <3
  77. Why do you think toothpaste contains mint? If it’s good for your teeth then it’s also good for your body as a whole! P.S don’t eat toothpaste kids!
  78. Thin Mints are considered a delicacy in many American households.
  79. You should rename your alliance to Chocolate Mint Castle, because CC already stands for Carbon Copy.
  80. Arrgh would not raid Chocolate Mint Castles, they are decent human beings.
  81. Arrgh is also allergic to Mint.
  82. Mint is not manly enough for real pirates so everyone should eat more mint chocolate! Stay protected ladies and gentlemen!
  83. MINT is MEANT to be consumed for your enjoyMENT
  84. Adrienne your Shard name should have been Minty.
  85. Are you still reading this? Take a break, have a bite of mint chocolate.
  87. Mint your own Chocolate Business!!!
  88. Mint chocolate - the only thing you can reliably count on still having in your home if you have children.
  89. The next global war will probably have “Mint” in its name because we all know that the choco mint heretics will attack the true saviours of the chocolate kingdom!!!!
  90. Mint is the color of Baby Yoda !!!!!!!!!!
  91. Jake from State Farm has publicly endorsed mint chocolate
  92. Martin Luther would have never written 95 thesis had the pope given him what he asked for - some god damn mint chocolate.
  93. If Anakin had eaten some more mint chocolate he would not have killed the younglings
  94. If Benfro would be asking for the perfect protectorate, it would have some mints. :huggles:
  95. Got 95 problems but mint ain’t one!

Now Shoo and remember to have some Mint Chocolate!
<3 TKR diplo team (except mitsu)

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Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences Empty Re: Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences

on 19th July 2020, 12:54
Should i be amazed at the effort or should i be sad that you beat me to it? @.@

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Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences Empty Re: Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences

on 31st July 2020, 11:32
Nizam Adrienne wrote:[list=1]
[*]After Eight.

this list is long but After Eights are one of my favourite chocolates, the only mint that goes well with chocolate is the weird gooey mint
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Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences Empty Re: Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences

on 31st July 2020, 11:37
After Eights are one of my favourite chocolates

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Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences Empty Re: Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Non-Mint Chocolate Indulgences

on 19th August 2020, 21:33
Wow, you put so much effort into this, well done!

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